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    Nike Air Jordan

    Air Jordan is not a brand. Well, not just a brand. Air Jordan is the heritage of the greatest basketball player of all time by popular acclamation: Michael “Air” Jordan.

    Michael “Air” Jordan

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17th 1963, Michael Jeffrey Jordan has been a versatile shooting guard with an offensive style of play. Read more
    His trademark was the fadeaway jump short, which made use of his exceptional jumping abilities to evade block attempts and made the scoring almost inevitable. It was his incredible jumping skills which earned him the epic nickname “Air”, because he could jump so high and stay in air for so long that it seemed like he dominated the element.

    Nike Air Jordan shoes

    Michael “Air” Jordan, or MJ, was one of the most marketed athletes in history. On April 1st, 1985, Nike released its first pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes, the basketball shoes designed for “Hir Airness” the basketball legend. They were the eponymous Nike Air Jordan I "Notorious". Before these shoes, all basketball shoes were white. Nike and Michael started the revolution adding an epic combination of black and red to the colorway. The NBA even banned the shoes initially, because they featured unregulated colours. This is just an example of how the Nike Air Jordan shoes have changed the athletic footwear game and made history. They were the shoes that transitioned basketball shoes from being just sports shoes reserved to the court, to being a fashion statement to be worn on the streets. Air Jordan changed the game, the shoes and the industry of basketball.

    The Jordan Brand

    Since that fateful year, a new Air Jordan is released every year. The anticipation and the demand of such shoes has only been growing, and they set a trend for basketball shoes inspired and dedicated to the most valiant players in the NBA league and other sports as well. Given the importance and the self-standing nature of the Nike Air Jordan shoes, Nike spun off the Jordan line into an independent division of its brand, called the “Jordan brand”. The brand boasts its own “family” of affiliated athletes, the Jordan Family. They are some among the best athletes from basketball, football, baseball and more.

    The Jordan Retro Collection

    The Retro collection of the Air Jordan shoes is a re-edition of the most iconic shoes in the brand in recent years. Updated coolness and evergreen style fused in exceptional shoes that defy the cycles of style and fashion, never ceasing to be up-to-date.

    The Air Jordan XXX Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand

    The latest introduction to the Air Jordan family is the Air Jordan XXX shoe which is scheduled to release globally on February 12th 2016 at select retail stores. The Air Jordan XXX, or “30”, celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan shoe. 30 years of greatness, performance, innovation, and unforgettable designs.

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