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    New Era Caps

    New Era Caps – from the classic baseball cap to the stylish trendsetter

    Sporty. Stylish. Trendy. Legendary. The list of attributes is never-ending. There’s no question about it, caps from New Era have an excellent reputation. In many spheres, these caps now represent a characteristic, a trademark or a sign. The brand remains the world leader today when it comes to caps, and also serves as a trendsetter. It’s not just youths that wear this special headgear – older people as well as the stars of our world adorn their heads with this kind of cap.

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    The New Era Caps success story began in 1920

    The New Era cap brand is considered an original American product, but it has German roots. The business was founded in the year 1920 by Erhardt Koch. The German immigrant was previously employed as a classical hat maker in various companies, before he became self-employed. With his new label, he then turned his business idea of specialising in sports caps, which had grown over the years, into a reality. Even the first model quickly caused a great sensation. So, in its first year, the newly-founded company supplied several regionally-significant baseball teams with a classic, white cap. In the year 1934, the caps then made the leap into major league baseball. The Cleveland Indians became the first club at MLB level to wear New Era Caps. This was like the starting pistol of an extraordinary career for the cap brand – from then on, the only way was up. Little by little, more and more teams adopted these special caps, praising the production, which even at that time was extremely high-quality. Today, this company and brand, founded in 1920, serves as the exclusive cap supplier of all MLB teams.

    A legend among caps – the 59Fifty cap

    The year 1954 was of particular significance. It was in this year that, with the 59Fifty cap, a model was explicitly introduced into the MLB that today is synonymous with the so-called ‘fitted cap’. And it’s precisely this name that is absolutely inseperable from New Era’s brand identity. Over time, the 59Fifty cap has gone from being a renowned item of clothing for professional athletes to a scene-setting object of cult status. In hip-hop and rap culture, this cap simply belongs; it has absolute cult status. Whether it’s Jan Delay, Ice Cube, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z or even Snoop Dogg – there is hardly a single rapper that isn’t an owner and wearer of a New Era cap, usually adorned with the logo of a favourite team from the MLB, NFL or the NBA. Whether it has the logo or an abbreviation for the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Mavericks or the Chicago WhiteSox – this kind of headgear is true street style.

    New Era Caps models each have an individual character

    But it’s not just the 59Fifty cap that has blossomed into a real sales hit – other models too are popular and in-demand among athletes, rappers, skaters and those who just love hats. MC Fitti has outed himself as a great fan of snapbacks; these are size-adjustable versions. The brand now offers a wide range of caps with an unmistakeable design. Different cuts, shapes and materials give each model a personal touch. This brand has an alternative in its portfolio to suit the most varied of tastes, whether its a fitted cap, a trucker cap, a flex-fit, as a freaky Marvel edition, a New Era Snapback or a classic baseball cap. You can see this for yourself at any time in our shop. There, you’ll find classic New Era snapbacks in different designs, each with an independent shape, with the logos of the New York Yankees, the Oakland Raiders or the Los Angeles Dodgers. Or would you like something more unusual? Then perhaps the 9Fifty Superman Snapback Cap, the 39Thirty New York Yankees Digi Camo Diamond Era Stretch Fit Cap or the New York Yankees Tropical Snapback Cap would be a good option for you. There’s a cap in our shop to match every outfit and every taste.

    New Era also has hats for cold days

    Have a look through our pages and, alongside your dream model, you’re sure to find one variation or another that catches your eye. The New Era Hats, for instance, which are offered as so-called Beanies, are very popular. These are knitted versions, which usually feature a team logo on the front as a hat. The hats, which are made of soft and stretchy material, are hugely popular in the colder months. New Era Hats of this kind have an excellent reputation. It’s not for nothing that these hats, just like the caps, are taken as the perfect accessory for a stylish and urban outfit in fashion circles. But whether it’s a New Era Hat like, for example, the NY Striped Team Hat, the now-legendary 59Fifty Fitted Cap, 49Forty, 39Thirty, 29Twenty or the 9Fifty Snapback Cap – New Era has developed into a true trendsetter of a brand.

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