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    All of Nike at Foot Locker!

    You would be hard pressed finding a brand that ever had more impact on our lives than Nike. Nike is the ultimate reference in sportswear and footwear… Whether they are fashion minded or performance driven, Nike product always dominate. The Nike swoosh is established as one of the most recognizable logos of all time and Nike has definitely had a huge impact on our lifestyle and culture at every level. Read more

    Nike’s history

    Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight, a track and field athlete, and his coach, Bill Bowerman. Both started distributing track shoes across the USA from the back of their car before opening their first store in 1966 in California. The year after, the operation was replicated to the East Coast and a new store opened in Massachusetts. Benefiting from a sudden increase in demand for athletic goods, footwear in particular, Nike grew exponentially throughout its first few years of existence and in 1971, the Nike swoosh, the most famous brand logo of all time, was designed. The rest is history.

    Nike innovations

    Since its humble beginnings, Nike has been setting the pace season after season, year after year. Providing athletes with the best gear possible and constantly innovating to raise performances has always been the main point of focus for Nike. This passion for progression is what has brought Nike to legendary status. Without Nike’s forward thinking approach to sportswear and footwear design, we wouldn’t be where we are at today, in terms of sports good technology. Nike also built its aura through legendary advertisement campaigns (the “Just do it” slogan being the most impactful slogan of the 20th century) and blockbuster professional athletes’ endorsements.

    Nike is forever.

    Nike is everyone. We all had a pair of Nike shoes on our feet at some point! How many Nike shoes did you ever owned in your life? The answer probably is: too many to count! Plus, no matter your sport, you know that Nike got you covered. Basketball, Running, Court, Skateboard, Fitness, Football, Tennis… Nike has the best products available for all these plus many more.

    Nike is everywhere. The whole wide world is familiar with Nike and the Swoosh is everywhere on the streets for a simple good reason: Nike footwear, apparel and accessories collections always had a special appeal and are just too good to resist. You know you look good wearing Nike, you know you feel good wearing Nike.

    Nike is forever. Looking back at the history behind the brand, there is only one way to describe Nike: domination. And looking at what is coming up from the Swoosh in the near future, we can guarantee that this is not coming to an end anytime soon! Be ready for the next generation of Nike products!

    Nike and Foot Locker: a never ending love story

    Since the beginnings, Foot Locker has always been going hand in hand with Nike and we are insanely proud to be able to provide you with the latest and greatest of all Nike products available today. Keep checking out our Nike collections, always including loads of exclusivities.

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