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    Nike Air Max 1: From revolutionary running shoe to stylish trainer

    Originally designed as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max first appeared on the shelves in 1987. The shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who at the same time was working on the design of the Nike Jordan. But the real genesis of the Nike Air Max can actually be traced back to 1977, when aerospace engineer Frank Rudy approached the sportswear manufacturer with a revolutionary idea: an air pocket integrated into the shoe would help soften the impact of walking, jumping and running. Nike loved the idea – although it took nearly ten years to bring it to fruition. Then, in 1987, the Nike Air Max1 finally hit the shelves. With its cushion of air in the middle of the sole, it launched a new era for runners and athletes.

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    The beginning of the 1990s saw the Nike Air Max 1 and the Nike Air Max 90 sweep all before them

    The Nike Air Max 1 absorbed the impact of running like no other sports shoe before it. Enquiries flooded in from runners and athletes the world over, and within weeks the hype surrounding the shoe had reached fever pitch. But it wasn't just about the shoe's functionality and impact-absorption. With its familiar swoosh logo and air chamber visible in the sole of the shoe, the Air Max1, and its successor the Air Max 90, quickly gained a reputation as an icon of style, and not just among Nike fans. So while athletes and runners bought the shoes predominantly for their functional qualities, the early 1990s saw both models make an unprecedented impact on street fashion the world over.

    The Nike Air Max trainer – star of the techno and hip-hop scene

    It was initially in the hip-hop scene of the 1990s that the Nike Air Max quickly became the sneaker of choice. But at the same time, the emerging techno scene was also discovering the Air Max, leading to considerable rivalry between the two clans. In the final analysis, however, neither the Air Max1 nor the Air Max 90 can be pigeonholed so neatly. And in any case, the rivalry probably did the shoes a lot of good. Today they enjoy a cult status that is not confined to one particular group. With its design and functional properties subject to constant fine-tuning, and the continual addition of new models to the range, the Air Max is nowadays as popular on running tracks and sports fields as it is on the streets and catwalks. Models such as the Air Max 90, the classic Air Max Command, the Air Max Tavas and the Air Max Thea, quickly convinced existing fans as well as winning over new ones.

    From the Air Max 90 via the Air Max Command to the Air Max Tavas

    In our online shop you can get a comprehensive overview of the many variations and models that make up the Air Max range. You'll soon get an idea of just how many different versions are available. From the shoe that started it all, the Air Max 1, and its successor, the Air Max 90, via the Air Max Command to the striking Air Max Tavas and Air Max Thea, you can take a virtual tour of our wide-ranging Air Max collection. So you can be sure of finding exactly the right model for you. Thanks to their air cushioning, the legendary Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 models allow you to experience outstanding impact absorption. If you're looking to make a colourful statement, go for the Air Max Tavas in vibrant red, or the black Air Max Command with coloured soles. Or for a sleek and elegant look, slip into the Air Max Thea. Designed as a women's shoe, the Thea looks every bit as good as it feels.

    Nike Air Max Tavas and Nike Air Max Thea – for a bold and individual statement

    But it's not just the Air Max Thea that turns heads. The Air Max Tavas is also known for its chic and elegant look. In our online shop, the Tavas is available as a premium shorts shoe as well as in a Junior version. Although the Tavas and Thea share the same basic design, each model has its own unique character thanks to individual modifications and colour schemes. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a good sturdy shoe for the kids, take a look at the junior versions of the Nike Air Max Command. With its renowned durability and classic Air Max cushioned sole, the Command scores highly on both comfort and grip. Kids of all ages will love it. And plenty of adults as well...

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