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    The Nike Air Max 90: A legend that is forever young

    The Air Max is probably the most famous sports shoe in the world. Together with the Air Jordan it has helped to make Nike the leader of the global sporting goods market. Exciting design and revolutionary technology are the secrets behind the success of the Air Max. The idea for this iconic shoe comes from the 1970s: Frank Rudy adapted the blow rubber moulding technique used in space travel technology to sole manufacturing in the shoe industry and, thus invented the Air Pad. Ten years later, in 1987, he worked with shoe designer Tinker Hatfield and invented the very first Air Max. The Nike Air Max 90 was created in the 1990s and then became the most distinctive and best-known model in the Air Max range. It ensured that the Air Pad would be indispensable for everyone who is aware of fashion and sport, and a distinctive characteristic of advanced shoe technology. The Nike Air Max 90 is still a very successful product on the market, and it appears in fashionable and sport variations in the form of the Nike Air Max 90 Women and the Nike Air Max 90 Men.

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    A distinctive design icon

    Infrared or luminous red – these terms both refer to the same shade: it is the very striking colour that made the first appearance of the Nike Air Max 90 in 1990 so unforgettable. There were a few other details that made this shoe series stand out from the crowd, whether in the Nike Air Max 90 Essential version, or in the Nike Air Max 90 Premium. The Nike Air Max 90 can be identified by the large Nike heel logo in a contrasting colour. This design also includes coloured lace panels on the top of the shoe. The contrasting colour of the Air Pad matches this shape. It makes no difference whether you buy the Nike Air Max 90 Women or Men - the design principle has remained the same in all versions since 1990. Your new Nike Air Max 90 Essential or Nike Air Max 90 Premium are iconic shoes with a very high recognition value.

    The Nike Air Max 90 Essential: Basic model with utmost quality

    The Nike Air Max 90 Essential achieves excellence in both manufacture and design. You can choose different styles from a wide range of colour combinations, from tastefully classic shades to bright, modern colours. On the side of every Nike Air Max 90 Essential there is a swoosh: the large, sweeping Nike logo that is a stylised representation of the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. A typical Nike Air Max 90 has a visible Air Pad in the sole, enclosed in a colourful frame. The lace panels on the top are also made in contrasting colours in most versions of this model. The upper part of the Nike Air Max 90 Essential is made of leather or suede, and the sole is made of rubber in waffle format. The toe part of the Nike Air Max 90 Essential has double stitching.

    The Nike Air Max 90 Premium: Welcome to the upper class

    The Nike Air Max 90 Premium series offers you the same legendary sports shoe with a few very high-quality extra details. There are Nike Air Max 90 Women models as well as models for men in the Premium version. The upper part of the Air Max 90 Premium is made of leather and fabric. A removable insole helps to give the shoe some additional shock absorbing capacity. The fabric lining makes this Nike Air Max 90 very comfortable to wear. With its tasteful leather overlay and fine manufacturing finish, the Nike Air Max 90 Premium is available in many elegant colour combinations and of course, in sporty, contrasting colours as well. And there is also a winter model that has a wool lining to keep your feet warm.

    Nike Air Max 90 Women: Looks perfect, all the way from sporty to elegant

    Nike Air Max 90 Women models are designed in both essential and premium versions. Women’s sports shoes by Nike in the Air Max series are great because they are light and easy to wear because of their breathable construction. The Nike Air Max 90 Women sneaker model gives you maximum comfort along with maximum beauty in its shape. A very popular version is the Nike Air Max 90 Black with white or grey Air Pad frame and matching heel logo. The white Nike Air Max 90 looks great for sport, or leisure, or as part of a fashion outfit. You can also have Nike Air Max 90 Women in attractive pastel colours. The Ultra Breathe model is the summer version of this iconic shoe. It has an especially light and airy mesh upper, which means that you can even wear them without any socks.

    Nike Air Max 90 Men: As many styles as there are individuals

    It would be hard to find a shoe that comes in more design variations than the Nike Air Max 90 Men sneaker. Do you like a restrained and elegant style? Do you want to ground yourself with black shoes? Are you looking for a white, summer shoe that reminds you of the sea shore and sailing? Or would you like it to be bright and sporty, with different-coloured overlays like the familiar Air Max 90 style? Take a look through our range, and you will find that the Nike Air Max 90 Men series has all of this, and more. For example, the Nike Air Max 90 Black, a masculine sneaker with dark, anthracite overlays and a Nike swoosh in the same colour. This Nike Air Max 90 Black for men, in the Ultra BR version, is one third lighter than the previous model. It is exquisitely comfortable to wear, with its breathable construction, and it has the reliable traction of the Nike Air Max rubber sole, all of which makes it an indispensable partner for sporting and leisure activities. In addition to the Nike Air Max 90 Black there are many more design and functional variations on the Air Max 90 for men. Just one example among many is the Nike Air Max 90 Men in the Flyknit version. The shock absorbing system in this model includes an innovative, ultra-comfortable material that immediately resumes its shape when it has been subjected to downward forces. Wearing this Nike Air Max 90 takes you to a whole new level of comfort.

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