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    Nike Tuned – A cult following through exceptional design and bold colour schemes

    The Nike TNS has many names. The Nike TNS is also called Nike Tuned, Nike Tuned 1, Nike Trainers and even Nike TN Air. No matter what you prefer to call the Nike TNS – its unique design is always present. No other shoe has left such a brilliant impression on its release. In line with the first model of the Nike TNS, the designers chose which colours should be present on a monochrome shoe. Within a short amount of time, the Nike TN Air was able to acquire a large following. But beware: With the Nike Tuned 1 or the Nike TN Air on your feet, you’ll always be in the spotlight. The unique design and the bold colour schemes of the Nike TNS can guarantee this ...

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    Since 1998, the Nike TN has been in demand throughout Europe

    The Nike Tuned or Nike TN is hard to beat due to its uncommonly extravagant yet aggressive style. This is all while the design for the Nike TN has been in use for several years. The Nike Tuned was introduced in 1998, in which the AMP version was released on the market for the first time. Even back then, fans of trainers across Europe raved about the Nike TN, designed by running shoe designer Sean McDowell, especially in France where the Nike TN Air quickly because a trendy cult object. In particular, the Nike TN Air's integrated Nike Tuned Air System caused quite a stir. In this particular system air movements are made possible in the midsole, which significantly mitigates the impact of the Nike TNS. This innovative technique, which provides excellent impact protection as well as premium cushioning, is what made the first version of the Nike Tuned so famous.

    Nike Tuned: Sean McDowell was inspired by the sunset

    This version of the Nike TNS however, did not stay. The Nike TN has since been repeatedly reproduced in almost countless variations, such as the Nike TN Trainers. Meanwhile, the Nike Tuned is available in more than 100 colour combinations. When it comes to colour assortment, virtually any combination of colours is available with the Nike TN, which leaves you spoiled for choice. The Nike TN Air colour scheme Hyper Blue functions as a state of the art yet timeless design. McDowell was inspired by the Florida sunset for this variant of Nike TNS. The black stripes that are reminiscent of the silhouettes of palm trees characterise the Nike TN in Hyper Blue. The Nike TN Trainers are also available in bright blue.

    Nike Tuned 1 – Cool, retro trainer that stands out from the crowd

    In recent years the Nike Tuned 1, as it is now known, appeared in numerous new combinations of colours. If you like to be a little extravagant, then perhaps a monochrome trainer like the Nike TN All Blue is the right choice for you. The strong blue Nike Tuned 1 version attracts glances with its almost magical look. The new Nike TN Air variant All Red is equally striking with its aggressive design and vivid red colour scheme. No matter whether you choose the Nike TN in Hyper Blue, in All Blue, in All Red, or the Nike TN Air in another design or colour composition - all Nike Tuned 1 models have the same stylish playfulness. The design of the Nike TNS will always turn heads and cause a stir. The Nike Tuned 1 does not hold back as is the case with so many other retro trainers. This shoe demands attention.

    Extremely cool – the trendy Nike TN Black

    The Nike TN Black is simultaneously cool and smart. The hip Nike TN Black has earned its place in the Hip Hop scene, especially with European and Australian kids, due to the appearance of its monochrome designs. The colour and design of the Nike TN Black doesn’t just act as the epitome of cool, the Nike TN Black also has an immense amount of charm and surrounds itself with an almost mysterious aura. Look closely. You will wonder how often you’ve come across the Nike TN Black on the street, in clubs, at events, or even at theme parks. There is also a black and yellow variant of the Nike TN Black. However, this black and yellow model is by no means a nod to Borussia Dortmund. Instead, a futuristic theme was the source of inspiration for the striking design. This Nike Tuned 1 is defined by its unusual yet unique colour codes. There is no doubt that you’ll quickly become the centre of attention when it comes to this visually attractive Nike Tuned 1 version or the cool Nike TN Black.

    Nike TN Trainers – rhythmic and angular design

    Whether you’re wearing the Nike TN Black, Nike Tuned All Red, or the popular Nike TN Trainers – all variants impress with a unique design and a variety of colour combinations. Just as the Nike TN Trainers have an array of design and colour ideas, you can wear the Nike TN Trainers for a more rhythmic style, or for a uniquely angular design. You can select your Nike TN Trainers for example, in grey, blue, or black; you’ll receive your Nike TN Trainers in an attractive fabric, or a futuristic look. Of course, all variants of the Nike TN Trainers are equipped with the typical attenuation function. However, that goes without saying when it comes to the Nike TN Air ...

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