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    Puma Disc Rebirth

    Puma style 

    Since the 1970s, they’ve been adopted by sporting and style mavens alike, with streamlined Puma sneakers finding fans across the globe. They’ve expanded into a huge range of clothing and accessories in the years since, turning them into a true sporting style powerhouse. 

    Casual is king when it comes to Puma clothing. You’re laid back but athletic, bringing a cool aesthetic with your Puma pants and Puma jacket. It’s street meets smart casual; wearing athletic gear doesn’t mean you’re underdressed for the occasion. Whether you’re looking to head to the shops or heading out on a date, Puma has the gear you need; when you’ve got the right gear, you’ll have the confidence you need to own the look.  

    Shop at Foot Locker for Puma shoes

    Looking to purchase Puma clothing, Puma shoes or other Puma clothing? Here at Foot Locker, we’ve got a huge range in stock for you to select from. Across men’s, women’s and children’s styles, you can explore the complete Puma range — Puma hoodies, Puma track pants, Puma jackets and much more. At Foot Locker, you’ll be able to find anything you need to look the part. Make sure you keep an eye on our Puma sale items too — you’ll often get the chance to score a bargain in one of our Puma shoe sales.  


    Are Pumas good shoes?

    Yes. Puma makes shoes that are intended for a wide variety of functions — some for sporting use, some for style and others that strike a balance somewhere in between the two. So when you pick up a pair of Puma shoes, you can be sure that you’re getting the right shoe for your particular needs. You can look good while feeling great at what you do.  

    Are Puma shoes comfortable?

    Yes. Puma shoes are designed to cushion your feet as you walk, run or play in them, providing you with both ankle and arch support in the process. 

    Does Puma make basketball shoes?

    Yes! Puma does have a range of basketball shoes; they’re ideal for tearing it up on the court or simply for looking great with your other Puma clothing.  

    What is the most popular Puma shoe?

    Year-in and year-out, Puma Mirage remains one of the most iconic styles for the company. As a shoe that’s great for walking, running or simply looking stylish, it’s an excellent option as an all-around shoe, fit for any occasion. Additionally, the Puma Suede Classic has also marked itself out as a powerful name in streetwear. Drawing on the distinctive styles of retro soccer training boots, it makes a style statement that’s often imitated but never equalled. 

    Which Puma shoes are good for walking?

    If you’re looking for the perfect blend of form and function when it comes to walking and running, the Puma Mirage makes for an excellent choice. The Clyde All Pro is also an excellent all-rounder shoe, which will provide you with the support you need and a great look. 

    What is special about Puma?

    Puma is a multifaceted brand that has had enduring appeal and success, carving out its own niche in the sporting and style worlds. Always standing apart and earning its own cult fanbase in the process, today Puma is admired across a wide range of generations, lifestyles and fashion fans for their unique approach to form and function alike. They’re a unique brand unto themselves — and in a world full of copycats, that’s something to be heavily admired. 

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