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    Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Force

    Nike Air Force – legend status

    This classic is a basketball shoe and was brought to the market in 1982. As a streetstyle shoe, it was particularly popular on the Hip-Hopscene. In total, over 1,700 models in many different colours and material combinations have been developed over the last 25 years, but they’ve all remained true to the roots of the original AF1 style and the everyday Nike Air comfort. Read more

    Today, it’s no longer just basketball players that buy the Nike Air Force.In actual fact, Nike Air Force can now be found adorning the feet of lots of people who have nothing to do with the sport as today it’s evolved into probably the best known lifestyle shoe in the history of trainers. So we’re talking about a real pioneer here, which is hard to beat in terms of popularity.

    Inert gas - the filling in the Air Pad

    At the same time, the Nike Air Force was the first basketball shoe with Nike Air technology. But what is it exactly? This innovative concept sees the sole in the heel area filled with an inert gas mixture (Air Pad).This integration provides optimum suspension when running, something that we know happens quite often in basketball and various other sports. As a result, the joints are relieved and you’re supported when you run. The upper is made of leather, which gives you a compelling and road-ready look. The high profile shape of this shoe complements the design and offers exceptional comfort and stability. But it’s not only the functionality of the shoe that’s so compelling, but also the unique look giving the shoe its individual recognition factor, that has won over so many fans, even today.

    Your Height - Your Colorway – Your Style

    You can buy the Nike Air Force in our shop in many different models, colours and sizes. At the beginning, the Air Force was only made in two different versions: A low-top version and of course as a high basketball shoe. Over the years, a mid-top version has also been added to the collection.

    The Nike Air Force 1 High, for example, is probably the closest visually to the original, but the other models are also extremely popular in our shop. Whether you’re after the men’s or the women’s style, we’ll make sure we find this iconic shoe in a size that fits you. Incidentally, White Colorway has always been the most popular colour, but if you want to add a splash of colour to the mix, then no problem, we can offer you stylish Colorways in red or blue. No matter what the occasion, whether it’s for sports, leisure or simply everyday, this shoe means you’ll be perfectly styled and wearing the heights of trainer fashion. Find the right pair of trainers for you to inspire you, suit your style and to guarantee you’ll be turning heads!

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